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Balance & Restore

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Bring yourself the gift of a sound mind, body, and connection to wild nature through this tea box. Three teas are intentionally selected to give you the support you need to restore your energy and regain your balance.

6 years Master's White — Sweet & fruity. Calming & restorative. Drink to bring mental clarity and sustained focus. Traditionally used to help treat inflammation & soreness.

Slow Mellow Yellow — Gardenia & raspberry. Soothing & grounding. Drink to ease tension and find mellowness. Enzymes in yellow tea help ease digestion and are good for your gut. 

Wild & Ancient Red Tai — Caramelised honey & robust. Warming & comforting. Drink to elevate your mood and find alignment. Bold in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

What's Included

• 2x4g Master’s White
• 2x4g Slow Mellow Yellow
• 3x4g Wild & Ancient Red Tai
• Brewing Notes
• Family Chart
• Wicker Box
• Gift Wrap included


Wicker box and Tea Leaf-infused Xuan Paper


Wicker Box: 19cm x 19cm x 4cm

Care & Tips

We encourage exploring the different facets of your teas by re-brewing each serving at least 5 times.