Dexterity & Clarity

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How do we find dexterity and clarity in times of uncertainty? These purposefully selected teas provide us with the grounding awareness and ease we need to thrive in any challenges in life.

7 Years Wild White — Alpine mist & hazelnut. Calming & restorative. Drink for clarity and sustained focus. Traditionally used to help ease inflammation and soreness. 

Wild Tai Green — Popcorn & peach. Refreshing & energising. Drink for alertness and mood lift.

Master's Oolong — Gardenia & Cacao. Grounding & gently stimulating. Drink for openness and lightness. Traditionally used to help ease heaviness or indigestion.

What's Included

• 2x4g Wild White
• 3x4g Wild Tai Green
• 2x4g 15 Years Pu'er
• Brewing Notes
• Family Chart
• Wicker Box
• Gift Wrap included


Wicker box and Tea Leaf-infused Xuan Paper


Wicker Box: 19cm x 19cm x 4cm

Care & Tips

We encourage exploring the different facets of your teas by re-brewing each serving at least 5 times.