An Introduction to Holistic Health 養生

Do you give the body what you think is needed, instead of following what it intuitively asks for? What if your lifestyle choices are actually contributing to the imbalance of the natural rhythm of your body?

Applying the ancestral knowledge based on <The Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic> | 黃帝內經, this 60-minute workshop shares the practical knowledge of the Yin/Yang in food, drink and seasonal changes, and provides you with the tools to "diagnose" your daily Yin Yang tendency as a unique, ever-evolving individual, so that you can make more well-informed and balanced choices when it comes to food, drink and rest. This understanding of and approach to holistic health will empower you to navigate through challenges with dexterity and clarity.

Time & Date:

18:00 GMT 23rd Jan 2021

Duration: 60mins


A Zoom link will be sent to you prior to the event.

*Free for all under 22s. Email and share with us why you'd like to join.

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