Seasonal Wellness: A Holistic Guide to Spring 春季養生

What are the benefits for you to live in tune with nature? Furthermore, what tools do you use to cultivate awareness of both the internal and external environments?

We believe strongly in the preventative and holistic approach to health as opposed to treating illness when it comes. This means tuning in to listen to our intuition and to adapt to our unique, ever-changing needs in tune with nature. Applying the ancestral knowledge based on <The Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic> | 黃帝內經, this 75-minute workshop will empower you with practical tools to live in tandem specifically with the Spring season. You will be provided with an ancient system of knowledge to help you make more well-informed decision on what to eat & drink, how to enhance your energy and what emotions to look out for and why.

What We'll Cover:

Baseline benchmarks of observation include: 

- nutritional consumption 

- physical movement

- mental and physical rest 

- emotional states

Come prepared to reflect on your journey through the season as we celebrate you as an ever-evolving individual and support one another to explore our wellness.

Time & Date:

18:00 GMT Sat 1st May 2021

Duration: 75 mins


A Zoom link will be sent to you prior to the event.

* free for all under 22s. Email and share with us why you'd like to join.

"This was my first time joining GPT Master's Tea House, and I absolutely loved it! My experience went above and beyond my expectations, as I not only felt more informed about holistic health, but I left feeling very fulfilled with a sense of happiness and connection. I am also extremely grateful that I was accommodated with such short notice! Thank you so much for providing this supportive, inclusive, and informative experience. I really appreciated the introspection which was encouraged throughout the workshop, and the opportunity to learn from the experiences we each shared. I definitely look forward to future learning opportunities, and eventually trying living tea! " - Natalie Pang
"I love GPT! Everything you guys do feels so special, from the classes you teach to the tea you share!" - Anonymous

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