Chinese Tea: Differentiating the Traditional & Modern

Do you know what makes up traditional Chinese tea? It is actually different from how Chinese tea is categoried today.

In this experience, we explore the original texts of our ancestral knowledge and teachings of tea according to Lu Yu. In addition, we provide clarity in tea categorisation and processing that has been lost through mass production and industrialisation.

What you will learn from this class:

1. The meaning of Yuan Cha 原茶 | The Original Tea according to Lu Yu 陸羽.

2. Traditional categorisation of Chinese Tea v.s. Categorisation of Chinese tea today.

3. Traditional processing procedures and craftsmanship of each tea.

4. Cultural impacts by traditional Chinese Tea and indigenous ways of tea.

5. Challenge and opportunity for traditional tea in the modern world.

Sat 20th March 2021 18:00 GMT


Free for all under 22. Please get in touch and share with us why you'd like to join.

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