Decolonisation Workshop: How to Facilitate Freedom - Session 1

"There are two kinds of freedom: one is the freedom from something, which is a reaction; and the other is not a reaction, it is "being free." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

As a person who shares knowledge or facilitate conversation in an intentional manner, the key to challenge the impacts of colonisation is the awareness and skills for creating a safe, fluid and welcoming space for the participant(s) to experience the subject themselves, and to encourage them to explore freely and express their experiences that are meaningful to them. For only when one takes responsibility to embark on a journey of finding out one's own answers, can one truly break free to be oneself, and start to make a positive contribution to the progression of society, we call this re-story-ation.

This series focuses on training the inward qualities and skills of the facilitator and requires a certain level of commitment in time and energy (2.5 hours every other week plus homework/exercise). If you are curious, resilient and cares deeply for in-depth self-discovery as well as collective progression, this is the place for you to put it into action.

Each 2.5-hour session will be run every other week, throughout the four-session series we will explore respectively:

Session 1: How to clarify and apply your intention when facilitating tea. (Demo 1, Exercise 1) - Sat 7th Aug 5pm - 7.30pm BST

Session 2: How to support by listening better. (Demo 2, Exercise 2) Becoming aware of your tools and boundaries for facilitation. - Sat 21st 6.30pm - 8pm BST

Session 3: From restoration to re-story-ation - the art of questioning. (Demo 4, Exercise 4) (Demo 3, Exercise 3) - Sat 4th Sep 5pm - 7.30pm BST

Session 4: How to measure outcomes. Feedback. - Sat 18th Sat 5pm - 7.30pm BST

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