Girls, Rise and Fly

Girls, it's Rui here. I live in the Western world with many tags such as immigrant, female, Asian, entrepreneur... So wherever you are and whatever you aspire to do, I know what you are going through. I remember growing up by the tea table and listening to my mother and her sisters share their stories, much wisdom, knowledge and support have been passed on this way. So I've created this gathering for us to come together, and for Grass People Tree to support your journey.

This is an event held to support the non-white female community, in particular for the young and the curious. All is welcome regardless of gender and race.

I am here to hold a space and share my experience in response to any questions you may have, and I am looking forward to hearing your stories too.

Girls, we get to choose which voices we give volume to. And we all need one another to help us finetune our voices. Let's fly and rise :)

*this is a free quarterly event run on the basis of donation. If you are interested in becoming our next Special Guest or getting involved, please get in touch.

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