Holistic Health Through Wild, Ancient and Indigenous Tea

How do we listen to our body and nurture it with what it intuitively asks for, instead of feeding it what we think it needs? What if the food/tea you have everyday is actually not suitable for your body and mind?

Holistic health | 养生 | Yang Sheng: “the cultivation/maintenance of one’s life” is an ancient health guidance that has been deeply ingrained in the every day life for people in China throughout generation. Instead of treating illness as it happens, it focuses on the prevention of illness by enlivening the Qi (energy within you) and living a balanced lifestyle in tune with nature.

The cultivation starts with getting to know yourself better so you can respond holistically to the ever-changing nature of life. In this course, you will learn how to “diagnose” yourself on a daily basis and to access the knowledge base in identifying the nature of everything you eat and drink.

What’s more, by using wild, ancient and indigenous tea as one of the many tools for cultivation in this course, Rui will share the knowledge of the ancient tea ritual to engage all senses and to discover the bold flavours and health benefits each tea brings - you will gradually learn the intuitive way to listen and respond to your body’s needs, gain a much deeper understanding of yourself as being and ultimately create balance and harmony for your mind and body as a whole.

Start date: Sun 9th Aug 2020
Time: 1600 BST

Duration: 90mins
Frequency: Weekly
Length: 4 weeks
Class Capacity: 8-12

£38 per class with 2 types of tea (10g).
£160 for 4 classes with Living Tea Family Pack (30g).

£195 for 4 classes with Living Tea Family Pack (30g)

(Shipping not included in the prices above. This course is taught via Zoom and is free for anyone under 22s)

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