How to Identify Good Tea

What if you've been drinking a tea that actually has been causing damage to your body, even though the label tells you it is good for you? How do you know?

We explore factors such as elevation, cultivars, soil composition, and water sources, and how that provides results in your cup. Furthermore, we teach practical examples to help you recognise when tea is damaging or healing, how the time of day and seasonal patterns encourage certain teas, and how to listen to the most accurate and trustworthy voice of all time - your body.

You will learn:

The definition of "a good tea" according to the original text <Cha Jing>.

How to evaluate whether a tea is good enough using traditional knowledge and techniques.

How to empower your body and intuition to clarify what is good for you.

How to decide what tea is good for you at a specific time and season.

Date & Time: Sat 14th Aug 18:00 BST

Duration: 75mins


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* Free for all under 22s. Email and share with us why you'd like to join.

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