Inner Wisdom & Power - Intuition Learning

How can we help others or ask the world for change if we do not take the responsibility of owning the innate wisdom and power that we have within ourselves? If we are unaware of such wisdom as human being by nature, how can we ever claim that we have made any well-informed decision?

Throughout generations, traditional Eastern knowledge has been taught using "presencing": a complex learning system that rediscovers and develops the feeling and sensing through the practice of a specific subject, while keeping in tune with the ever-changing external environment. In essence, this learning is a journey of actualising oneself - our innate being always provides the wisdom and answers to any questions that life may bring, when you master its language when it speaks to you.

Whilst modern education focuses on the study of data, logic and intellectual analysis, traditional Eastern knowledge has been passed down mostly through non-verbal and intuition based teaching. To better navigate through today's world, the awareness and the balance of the two will enable us to respond wisely and graciously to any given life situation.

The fun series focuses on the experiential learning of Wing Tsun (Kung Fu), Calligraphy and Tea Ritual, challenging yourself to unlearn what you've learnt, to actualise the inner wisdom and power of responding instead of defending, and to put into practice for your intellect to tune in with your intuition harmoniously.

Start date: Friday 28th Aug
Time: 1800 BST

Duration: 90mins
Frequency: Weekly
Length: 4 weeks
Class Capacity: 8-12

£38 per class with 2 types of tea (10g).
£160 for 4 classes with Living Tea Family Pack (30g).

£195 for 4 classes with Living Tea Family Pack (30g) + The Flask/Gaiwan set.

(Shipping not included in the prices above. This course is taught via Zoom and is free for anyone under 22s)

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