Living Tea Experience: Winter Special Dec 12th

Discover tea that is alive and how it makes you feel. See, smell, touch and taste the 2500 year tea culture and celebrate with us the vibrant indigenous traditions.

Different from tea picked from plantation and made by machinery, Living Tea is a traditional tea-making philosophy that follows the rhythm of nature and embodies tea as a living being. Through ancient tea ritual and storytelling, this experience celebrates our ancestral insights of holistic health, culture diversity and environmental harmony.


Virtual experience.


75 mins


£38 (Incl. 5 teas & domestic shipping)


You will be contacted by a member of the team for a date and time that works for your group.


up to 20 people.


Five - Aged white, Aged green, Yellow, Red, and Seasonal Special.


Rui, the founder and messenger of Grass People Tree, born and bred in the mountains of Guizhou, taught by the Tea Master and the indigenous people of Hui, Miao, Buyi, Yi and Gelao.
Read Rui's story


The root of tea and non-colonised tea history.

The stories of the 5 teas offered.

Health benefits of Living Tea and how to brew, rebrew and age tea.

How to keep in tune with winter and make intuitive decision on what to eat, when to rest.

How to identify a good tea and choose what's best for you.

How to pair tea with your mood and understand your body through tea.

*Tea will be sent to you prior to the event. To ensure your tea arrive on time, please place booking before 8th Dec.
**This course is free for anyone under 22s.

Rui is incredible. So wise, so deep and so humble. Her way of teaching is exactly how I feel the true teaching should be - a fluid, alive, open-ended, breathing space where feeling and intuitive approach to Tea is at its core. This is a feminine right brain way that the world needs right now. I learned so much through her, through others' sharing in the group and through her asking open-ended questions, that take you within to feel your own truth rather than something imposed from the outside.

Lera from T-Lovers

“Rui’s approach to The Living Tea course was a breath of fresh air. And this course was a truly reinforcing experience on so many levels, it integrated technique/form along with gaining a better understanding of the way tea’s chemical constituents can calm, focus, and energize our bodies and mind. We also focused on the historical, social, and ecological aspects of tea culture, tea production, and sustainable tea harvesting. Throughout the course, we explored how tea culture can promote community: By sharing tea together, we take time to communicate, and better listen and learn from one another. I highly recommend this tea course for people of all levels of tea knowledge/experience. I will be utilizing what I learned in this course for years to come.”

J Shiloh Gastello

“A Way Forward. Rui's guidance opened my eyes to a deeper understanding of a culture's practice in tea craftsmanship, in addition to experiencing tea with a heightened sense of intuition. Whether you are new to the vast world of tea or have been a practitioner for decades, this course merely requests that you arrive with an open heart, challenge and participate in group discourse, and step into the messy unknown that seeks to preserve a tradition and attunement to the natural world. You'll never look at tea the same way again and will have gained powerful allies in embracing all of the tea's complicated history and beauty. “

Marco Namowicz

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