Mid-Autumn Day Community Celebration! Drink tea & make tea eggs

It's been a while since we last held an open Tea House event for the global tea family. Reflecting the round shape of the full moon, the tradition of Mid-Autumn day is all about Reunion and the full cycle. We would like to invite you to celebrate with us!

Bring your Osmanthus Oolong, Master's Red with Osmanthus, your favourite tea and/or mooncakes, we will loosely follow the Guizhou style of celebration: Moon-related poem writing/sharing, moon appreciation, tea drinking, feasting etc. At the end of the event, Rui will share with you the guizhou way of making tea eggs, recycling tea we will have drunk.

Hope to see you there! Dear GPT family, we look forward to reunite with you. :)

Donation available.

This event will be around 1.5 hour from 7.30pm BST. An event link will be sent to you prior to 21st Sep.

Contact us about your workspace tea experience:

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