Tea Ceremony & Meditation at yue float

Transition from the busy week to your peaceful and joyous inner landscape. Join us for a 75-min tea ceremony at yue float as we explore the practice of mindfulness and the health benefits of wild, ancient & indigenous tea. Our tea ceremony follows the 2000-tradition of tea practice to cultivate peace, love and harmony through the mindful way of preparing and drinking tea. You will regain tranquillity and ease as you slowly shift your focus inward, this is the source of self-love and effortless joy, and it is the door to the ancient wisdom of finding the best solution for every life situation: returning to calmness and simplicity. 

Who's facilitating:

founder of Grass People Tree, Rui, who grew up in the wild mountains in southwest China and studied the ancient wisdom of tea from her teacher Master Lin and indigenous tribes such as Buyi, Miao, Yi and Gelao.

What is involved:

Soft landing with mindful breathing;

Tea ceremony 1/2: 

cultivating awareness and restoring calmness;

Meditation following the guidance of tea;

Deep listening and mindful observation.

Tea ceremony 2/2:

Returning to the natural state of joy and ease;

Meditation following the guidance of tea;

Unconditional love for self and others.


6 years Aged Master's White - Grounding & calming; Rich in antioxidants & anti-inflammatory properties.

Wild & Ancient Red Tai - Warming & uplifting; Rich in antioxidants, enzymes and minerals. 


Fri 22nd July 6:30-7:45 pm BST

How much:

£40 Tea ceremony

£78 Tea ceremony + Ritual Tea Set + 4gx3 tea  (Equivalence to 50% off on tea & teaware)

“Rui is incredible. So wise, so deep and so humble. Her way of teaching is exactly how I feel the true teaching should be - a fluid, alive, open-ended, breathing space where feeling and intuitive approach to Tea (and life) is at its core. “
"Rui’s energy and presence was so comforting and relaxing, not to mention an educational session on tea. I truly have a newfound appreciation for what I put in my body and for the wonderful healing benefits the tea has to offer. We will work to practice this appreciation daily."
Mellisa Kuen, Brand Director, NIKE

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