Tea Experience: the Living Tea of Guizhou Tea 活茶 Huó Chá

Discover tea that is alive and how it makes you feel. See, smell, touch and taste the 2500 year tea culture and celebrate with us the vibrant indigenous traditions.

Different from tea picked from plantation and made by machinery, Living Tea is a traditional tea-making philosophy that follows the rhythm of nature and embodies tea as a living being. Through ancient tea ritual and storytelling, this experience embraces the non-colonial history of tea and celebrates our ancestral insights of holistic health, humanity, culture diversity and environmental harmony.


Virtual experience via Zoom.


75 mins


£38 (Incl. 5 teas excluding shipping)


Sun 30th Jan 2022. 19:00 GMT


up to 20 people.


Five - Aged white, Aged green, Yellow, Red, and Seasonal Special. Or what you have from Our Teas.

(You will learn how to choose a tea that pairs with your mood and present state, tasting experience will be based on your choice, the other 4 teas will be remained for further exploration)


Rui, the founder and messenger of Grass People Tree, born and bred in the mountains of Guizhou, taught by the Tea Masters and the indigenous people of Hui, Miao, Buyi, Yi and Gelao.
Read Rui's story


The root of tea and non-colonial tea history.

The stories of the 5 teas offered.

Health benefits of Living Tea and how to brew, rebrew and age tea.

How to keep in tune with winter and make intuitive decision on what to eat, when to rest.

How to identify a good tea and choose what's best for you.

How to pair tea with your mood and understand your body through tea.

*Tea will be sent to you prior to the event. If you have our tea already, please choose "without tea" option.
** free for all under 22s. Email and share with us why you'd like to join.

“I don’t often come across such meaningful and unique event experiences, so what Rui has done with Grass People Tree is a genuine joy.  The tea ceremony she leads you through is an elegant way to connect with people that’s unlike anything else I’ve encountered.

Tanya Anastasiadis, Guardian News & Media

Rui’s energy and presence was so comforting and relaxing, not to mention an educational session on tea. I truly have a newfound appreciation for what I put in my body and for the wonderful healing benefits the tea has to offer. We will work to practice this appreciation daily."

Mellisa Kuen, Brand Director, NIKE

“Rui’s expert knowledge of and passion for wild tea of her homeland Guizhou has always brought light and great energy to everyone at our events. Whether it is the health benefits of the teas, the etiquette and philosophy of the Far East, or the ancient art of tea-making itself - there is just always something extraordinary to learn. Highly recommended.”

Paul Armstrong, Writer & Digital Strategist, Forbes

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