The Root of Tea

How do we know tea without knowing its root? Join us as we begin at the birthplace of tea, gazing beyond the limited 200-year colonial history explored in contemporary tea education. We will explore the knowledge our ancestors shared through oral transmission and text. If you’re starting your journey with tea and want to learn directly from its root, this is the class for you!

You will learn:

The view/logic of tea according to our ancestors;

The origin of tea based on oral transmission from Master Lin and the Master's Tea House.

The Opium War, the stolen trees and the impacts of colonisation on tea.

The teaching of "tea" “茶" 2200 years ago.

Tea as part of nature, diversity and humanity v.s. tea as a commodity.

Date & Time: 27th March 2021 18:00 GMT

Duration: 75 mins


* free for all under 22s. Email and share with us why you'd like to join.

"Rui's class was an amazing experience that not only taught me more about tea but also into new ways of thinking that can be applied to countless areas of life" - Janzen Greene

"Sitting with and learning from Rui in community was deeply nourishing to my mind, body and spirit." - Jasmine Beaghler

"I am so grateful to learn more about tea culture, and to have participated in the experiences Grass People Tree provides. I feel like my experiences have truly been wonderful eye and heart-opening experiences. I am definitely grateful for everything which has had to align to make this Living Tea experience possible, and I am excited to continue exploring the culture around living tea!" - Natalie Pang

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