Wing Tsun Kung Fu - Mindfulness through Motion (Yin class) Friday Weekly

Kung fu and tea has always been going hand in hand, not only in the context of the Tea House but also in putting the art of responding at the heart of their practice. Following this tradition in this experiential class, you will explore the ancient wisdom of the female founder Ng Mui of Wing Tsun 詠春拳 through Wing Tsun Master Sifu Julian Hitch. Through the form of Siu Nim Tao 小念頭, you will reconnect with the state of natural flow and start to accumulate the empirical knowledge of how to respond with freedom and empowerment.

You will learn:

Mindfulness through motion;

How to reconnect with your most natural, relaxed state;

Practical tools for reinvigorating your energy/Qi;

how to embrace uncertainty by responding instead of defending.

*Yin class focuses on the practice of flow and movement. Yang class guides you to improve speed, power and dexterity.

Every Friday 12:30 & 18:00 BST

Duration: 30 mins


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