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Grass People Tree 茶 - Exploring the Ancient Meaning of Tea 

A child of the mountains

Hello. My name is Rui. I’m from the mountains of Guizhou in Southwest China. 

As a girl I spent my days floating amongst the water buffaloes in the river, watching the fishermen on their bamboo rafts with their hungry pelicans diving for fish.
Since moving to London in 2008 I’ve been our tea’s messenger. I’ve shared many stories of my home through the gentle yet uncompromising voice of tea.

For two thousand years, the people of Guizhou have always harvested teas from our mother mountains the same way - taking only what each season offers and preparing it in tune with nature.


Each spring when I return to the mountains, we trek to pick the leaves of the wild and ancient tea trees that grow high in the mountains, before handing them to the Tea Master.

The leaves are dried and fermented in the sun, turned gently by hand. There are no machine processes involved. It usually takes 28 – 45 days to make a batch of tea. We believe this is the way nature intends us to treat its tea leaves.

As you brew and re-brew our tea, the leaves gently uncurl and should never get bitter. They come alive with the taste of the sun and the mountain trees, stones and fragrant flowers.


When the Chinese words for “grass” “people” and “tree” are put together, they transform into the word “tea” (茶). In our culture, tea simply narrates the moment when these three elements come together. Tea has always been our most treasured harvest, and the crafting of it is our heartfelt tribute to the nature we breathe with.

On behalf of Grass People Tree, I hope you will enjoy the pleasure, comfort and health benefits our tea brings you. What’s more, I hope we can encourage a more sustainable cycle of growing, making and drinking tea through sharing it.

With love,

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