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Grass People Tree

Buyi Green

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布依族傳統工藝 綠茶 毛峰

Foraged and made by female villagers from a Buyi Tribe in southwest Guizhou, this green tea was made using ancient methods that are only passed down to women. The village is so remote that the mountain path was the only way we could reach them when we first visited. Prepare to be wowed by this nutty, fragrant and incredibly thirst-quenching green tea. It can be brewed hot or cold. A great alternative to coffee for a more refreshing, gentler pick-me-up.

Taste Profile

Nutty, Creamy, and Sweet


Dou Peng Mountain. Du Yun, Qian Nan, Guizhou.

Indigenous Tree Type

Duo Bei 朵貝種

Tree Age

200-400 y/o



    Gifts and Accessories

    • Tea Strainer

    • Yi Xing Zi Sha Jūn Dé Teapot 君德紫砂壶

    • Gong Fu Cha Bamboo Tea Tray with Drain

    • Flask

    This tea strainer, handcrafted from natural wild bamboo, will complete any tea ritual. A wonderful gift for the tea lover who approaches tea the simplistic way.

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    100% genuine, handcrafted Yi Xing Earthy Red Clay / Zhū Ní teapot. Made by Master Zhang Hui 張惠 using 35-year aged rare clay foraged from the Yellow Dragon Mountain 黃龍山. 

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    Wherever the tea lover in your life goes, their tea will go with them. This elegant tea caddy is made of natural wild bamboo and comes with free teas from our Timeless collection..

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    Flask has been our most loved and versatile tea companion - we use it as a hassle-free, visually-enriching tea pot.

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    Tea Strainer
    Yi Xing Zi Sha Jūn Dé Teapot 君德紫砂壶
    Two bamboo tea trays next to each other placed on wooden table with tea tools and porcelain teaware