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Small Sub Box (80g)

Our Small Subscription Box is the perfect choice for those who seek novelty and mindfulness in their tea rituals, offering a broadened tea experience with 6% savings on our top-quality classics as well as expertly curated, seasonal teas.  With the included quarterly Journal  edited and written by Rui, your new tea experience will unfold with rich textures of cultural nuances and insider stories. We are so excited to share with you life in Guizhou firsthand :)

How This Box Works

Each quarter, you receive:

• 3 teas of your choosing from our catalogue (20gx3) — pick your favourites and/or try something new!

• 1 off-catalogue seasonal tea curated by Rui (20g), from the tea masters' and tea family's private collections.

• Extra goodies — seasonal tisanes paired with health tips to support your wellbeing. 

• All our member's benefits!

Exclusive Member's Benefits

• Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Guizhou with our quarterly digital journal Grass People Tree, through the lens and words of Rui, providing you unique insights into culture, traditions, philosophy, and the art of seasonal curation and health tips

• Enjoy exclusively curated teas and discounted re-purchase access that are not available to the public.

• Elevate your tea experience with made-to-order, personalized teaware crafted by trusted masters and craftsmen in China. Join Rui on an hour-long 1-on-1 free tea session each quarter, tailored to your preferences.

• Get free access to participate in all our events, from tea classes and kung fu sessions to meditation, calligraphy, and cooking classes.

• And, of course, early access to discounts and limited-time offerings.

What's Included?

• 3 teas chosen by you (60g)
• 1 tea curated by Rui (20g)
• Member Perks

When does it ship?
  • Ships quarterly in late February, May, August, and November.
May I change my tea selection?

You may update your selection of teas at any time, 2 weeks prior to the next shipping date.

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