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Small Sub Box (80g)

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If you love the exploration of new origins or production styles and want the freedom to switch things up daily while still always counting on your classic favourites for those reliably exceptional tea sessions, this box is made for you.

We embrace the depth and diversity of teas made intentionally and wanted to offer our friends an option that allows them to continue exploring while also having the reassurance that the teas they know and love are always there for them for those special sessions alone or with friends.

This small sub box includes 60 grams of your chosen teas + 20g of unique off-catalogue teas curate buy Rui from the personal collections of the tea master or tea friends. Additionally, you will receive access to all the same perks as the Big Sub Box members.


What's Included?

• 3 x 20g your chosen teas
• 20g Rui's curates tea
• Access to live tea tasting
• Unlimited discount for seasonal tea

*Exact amount may vary slightly depending on availability.

Member Perks
  • "Home Is Guizhou" Quarterly Journal
  • Early access to discounts and limited edition products
  • 1-on-1 Tea Guidance with Rui (60min/quarter)
  • Private purchase access to curated, off-catalogue teas
  • Purchase access to personalised, made-to-order artisanal teaware
  • Free tickets to all our Community Events
When does it ship?
  • Ships quarterly on February, May, August, and November
May I change my tea selection?

You may update your selection of teas at any time, 2 weeks prior to the next shipping date.

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