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Wild Green Tai

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‍Made by the Rao Brothers of the Gelao tribe from 500-year-old wild indigenous Tai trees, this bold green tea has higher nutritional content and green stimulants, giving you an instant kick. Experience the citrusy aroma and refreshing alpine taste slowly turn to roasted barley over multiple re-brews.
What's so special about "Wild Green Tai" tea?

"What's so special about Tai tea?

Tai tea trees, native to the east of the province, have grown wild and remained almost inaccessible for millenia. They're bold in colour (purple), taste and nutrients thanks to the area's mineral-rich soil and unique natural spring irrigation. A typical brew of
Tai tea has an infusion extract of 46% (a good quality whole-leaf infusion is around 32%). Tai teas are packed with much more nutrients than other teas – including vitamins, anthocyanin (a natural anti-oxidant) and minerals such as Ka, Zinc and Selenium."

Taste Profile

Creamy, Nutty, and Woody


Shi Qian, Guizhou.

Indigenous Tree Type

Tai 苔茶種

Tree Age

400 - 600 y/o



    Gifts and Accessories

    • Tea Strainer

    • Yi Xing Zi Sha Jūn Dé Teapot 君德紫砂壶

    • Gong Fu Cha Bamboo Tea Tray with Drain

    • Flask

    This tea strainer, handcrafted from natural wild bamboo, will complete any tea ritual. A wonderful gift for the tea lover who approaches tea the simplistic way.

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    100% genuine, handcrafted Yi Xing Earthy Red Clay / Zhū Ní teapot. Made by Master Zhang Hui 張惠 using 35-year aged rare clay foraged from the Yellow Dragon Mountain 黃龍山. 

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    Wherever the tea lover in your life goes, their tea will go with them. This elegant tea caddy is made of natural wild bamboo and comes with free teas from our Timeless collection..

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    Flask has been our most loved and versatile tea companion - we use it as a hassle-free, visually-enriching tea pot.

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    Tea Strainer
    Yi Xing Zi Sha Jūn Dé Teapot 君德紫砂壶
    Two bamboo tea trays next to each other placed on wooden table with tea tools and porcelain teaware