Deep in the mountains, the ever-changing weather conditions that constantly challenge tea-makers are vital to tea growing and making. Resisting machine-related processes means villagers can only make a very limited number of batches. Their ability and commitment to turning adversity to their advantage is what makes these teas rare and truly unique.

We invite you to join us and minimise the pursuit of so-called “golden tips” and “silver tips” for marketing sake. Instead, let's cherish what nature offers, trusting that as humans we can make the best of what’s given and supporting those who devote their lives to the legacy of tradition.

Buyi Green


布依族傳統工藝 綠茶 毛峰

Only 10kg of this tea was produced in total, of which just 3kg remains. This green tea was picked and made by the female villagers from a Buyi Tribe in south-west Guizhou, using ancient techniques that are only passed down to women. The tribe is so remote that the mountain path was the only way we could reach them when we visited six years ago. Prepare to be wowed by this nutty, fragrant and incredibly thirst quenching green tea. It can be brewed hot or cold.


£4.5 (4g) | £22 (20g) | £45 (50g)

Green stimulants offer a healthy pick-me-up. Energising and thirst quenching. Drink to feel refreshed. Body & mind cleansing. Rich in antioxidants. Helps improve general oral health.

Slow Mellow Yellow


貴州傳統工藝 黃茶

The traditional craft of Mellow Yellow can be traced centuries back to the ancestors of the Yi people, the wisdom of oxidising technique “悶黃” has been passed down through generation as a response to the unpredictable weather condition, high elevation (1500m) and challenging living environment.

Once savoured by the Qian Long Emperor 乾隆, its intensely floral aroma, soothing texture and mellow feeling makes a truly unique tribute from the Guizhou region, different from any other yellow tea produced in China. If you are looking to reset your mood, regain the relaxed state and flow with your natural instinct, this is the tea for you.

*The global demand for green tea means that Yi people today can no longer afford to make this "time consuming" yellow tea. However our seasonal, small batched offering has been made possible by the kindness of our Yi friends in support for Rui's mission to raise awareness in sustaining traditional craft and diversity in tea culture.

New Autumn Batch from different trees by Master Lin!


£4.5 (4g) | £23 (20g) | £48 (50g)

The digestive enzymes in this tea aids appetite and digestion. An ideal gentle, mellow option for a delicate stomach. Rich in anti-oxidants.

Wild and Ancient Red Tai


野生古樹薹茶 紅茶

This tea, which comes from 1500 year old wild Tai tea trees, is the boldest of flavour, fragrance and nutrients. Famous for its crystal clear amber colour, its flavours slowly evolve from gentle orange blossom to caramelised honey, with smoky mountain wood undertones. A total of just 9kg was produced for autumn batch 2021.


£4.5 (4g) | £22 (20g) | £45 (50g)

To warm and comfort your body and soul. Aids digestion. Helps boost immune system. Rich in Ka, Zinc and Selenium.
What’s so special about “Tai tea"?

Tai tea trees, native to the east of the province, have grown wild and remained almost inaccessible for millenia. They're bold in colour, taste and nutrients thanks to the area's mineral-rich soil and unique natural spring irrigation. A typical brew of Tai tea has an infusion extract of 46% (a good quality whole leaf infusion is around 32%). Tai teas are packed with much more nutrients than other teas – including vitamins, anthocyanin (a natural anti-oxidant) and minerals such as Ka, Zinc and Selenium.

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