There is incredible diversity in the ethnic tribes of Guizhou, south-west China. Each tribe has its own rich tea culture and traditions, and each region has its own speciality tea. Every spring, we trek the Guizhou mountains in search of the very best regional produce.

Tai tea trees, native to the east of the province, have grown wild and remained almost inaccessible for millenia. They're bold in colour, taste and nutrients thanks to the area's mineral-rich soil and unique natural spring irrigation. A typical brew of Tai tea has an infusion extract of 46% (a good quality whole leaf infusion is around 32%). Tai teas are packed with much more nutrients than other teas – including vitamins, anthocyanin (a natural anti-oxidant) and minerals such as Ka, Zinc and Selenium.

6 Years Wild White


Foraged from 400 year-old wild tea trees and prepared by the Buyi tribe in 2015, the sweet peach flavour of this well-aged fluffy “white peony” transforms to gently toasted hazelnuts after the second or third re-brew. Made in 2015, aged using traditional methods.


£22 (20g) | £45 (50g)

The ancient saying "one year a white tea, 3 years a medicine, 7 years a treasure" sums up the health benefits of a well-aged white tea. Stored correctly, the nutritional benefits of this tea increase with its age. This white tea could be your natural remedy for a cold, a hangover and general fatigue. It's generally restorative and calms your body and soul.

Wild Green Tai


Made by the Gelao tribe from 500 year old wild native Tai trees, this bold green tea has higher nutritional content and green stimulants, giving you an instant kick. Experience the citrusy aroma and refreshing alpine taste slowly turn to roasted barley over multiple re-brews.


£19 (20g) | £38 (50g)

A healthy pick-me-up thanks to additional green stimulants. Energising and thirst quenching. Drink to feel refreshed. Body & mind cleansing. Rich in antioxidants. Helps improve general oral health.
What’s so special about “tai” tea?

Bird King Da Hong Pao


鳥王種 大紅袍

Bird King | Niao Wang | 鳥王 is an indigenous tea tree varietal from Guiding, south of Guizhou. Long before modern time, the people of the Bird King Village (Today’s Miao people) have been dedicating their lives to protecting these sacred trees throughout generations. Favoured by the Qian Long Emperor for its “Bud Tea” 贵定芽茶, the Bird King region was long renowned for its unique tea culture and craftsmanship. 

This Da Hong Pao is unlike any you’ve tasted before. Master Lian has applied the traditional DHP techniques from his family origin in Fujian, in making this tea using tea leaves of the ancient Bird King trees: an expression of his nostalgia and a tribute to both of his homes. 

As the complex floral fragrance rolls back and forth in your mouth and throat, you are likely to find hidden joy from the charcoal fire or encounter a rare glimpse of the indescribable yet distinct flavours unique to the Bird King trees. If you want to connect with the part of you that is bright, warming and graciously expressive, this is a tea for you.


£23 (20g) | £48 (50g)

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