Bringing awareness to the interconnectedness and the importance of sharing, 木 facilitates your journey from language and cooking, to excursions into the Guizhou culture and landscape, our experiences listed below promote community and participative & experiential learning.

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October 2, 2022 6:00 PM
Touching the earth - the mindful tea practice

Loving the earth is an effortless movement that goes far beyond common sense such as recycling and buying ethical products. The key to unlocking this spontaneous, limitless love lies in the way we feel the earth as part of us instead of an external environment which brings about a forced sense of responsibility. With tea as a practice, we can learn and cultivate mindfulness as each mindful step can manifest this boundless love. We are the earth and the earth is us.With the devastating coronavirus outbreak in Guizhou, this 60min event we will be guided to share part of our limitless love and compassion with those in need.


Free / Donation with free tea






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