We believe cultural experiences can build stronger, more communicative teams and stimulate creativity in the workplace. Our events are designed to breath life from Guizhou to manage stress, cultivate well-being, encourage deep focus, widen perspectives, and enrich team morale.

All of our events are female led and follow the ancient wisdom of the Buyi, Gelao, Miao and Yi people, as well as the traditional teachings from the masters at the Master's Tea House in Guizhou.

Your curiosity of and openness to our events enables us to pass on the cultural traditions from our homes to your workspace.

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“I don’t often come across such meaningful and unique event experiences as I would like to, so what Rui has done with Grass Tree People is a genuine joy.  The tea ceremony she leads you through is an elegant way to connect with people that’s unlike anything else I’ve encountered. The tea she’s curated is not only exquisite in its quality, but the journey you take enjoying it opens up realms of ancient knowledge, endowing you with a sense of respect and awe, but also blissful delight with every luxurious sip. Rui is a true blue gem, her knowledge, passion and integrity is found steeped in every part of Grass Tree People, I could not recommend her and her products enough.”
Tanya Anastasiadis, Producer, Guardian News & Media

"The team and I found the tea experience a rewarding and great introduction to our days away from the office. Rui’s energy and presence was so comforting and relaxing, not to mention an educational session on tea. I truly have a newfound appreciation for what I put in my body and for the wonderful healing benefits the tea has to offer. We will work to practice this appreciation daily."
Mellisa Kuen, Brand Director, NIKE

“The Tea Experience was, without a doubt, the perfect remedy for my team's away day. Following a fraught period in the office, it allowed us to reconnect, finding balance individually and as a team. Far more effective than the usual pub night out! Rui's calm and soothing manner taught us new things about tea (who knew they weren't from different colour trees!) whilst considering the ways we connect together, with our clients and the world around us. I will definitely repeat this experience socially with friends and in the future as part of onboarding new clients, and refreshing and resetting existing relationships.”
Gabriella Kaegler, Group Director of Strategy, Quintessentially

“Rui’s expert knowledge of and passion for wild tea of her homeland Guizhou has always brought light and great energy to everyone at our events. Whether it is the health benefits of the teas, the etiquette and philosophy of the Far East, or the ancient art of tea-making itself - there is just always something extraordinary to learn. Highly recommended.”
Paul Armstrong, Writer & Digital Strategist, Forbes

“Many thanks to Rui for transporting us from our office in Bristol to the tranquil mountains of Guizhou with her stories and sublime wild teas.  The ceremony was so relaxing, refreshing and informative that the team still talk about it often, we now rebrew all of our teas!”
Tristan Hogg, Managing Director / Co-Founder, Pieminister limited

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Choose from the following workshops:

Huo Cha: Living Tea Experience

Through ancient tea ritual and storytelling, this experience celebrates our ancestral insights of holistic health, culture diversity and environmental harmony.

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Guizhou Noodles - Doorway to Southwest China

Want to spice up your next lunch meeting? We take simple rules of Chinese cuisine and show you how to craft one of the most celebrated, authentic dishes from southwest China.

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Explore Company Culture Through Calligraphy

Through the art of calligraphy, we’ll explore your team culture behind Chinese character composition, practice writing, and enhance experientially your own interpretation of your company’s culture through the art of calligraphy.

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Meditation Through Motion - Wing Tsun Kung Fu (Yin Class)

Want to improve your response to daily stressors? In this event, we’ll turn to the wisdom of female founder Ng Mui of Wing Tsun 詠春拳 and follow the form of 小念頭 (The Little Ideas) - the First Door of the Four. Traditionally, it has been applied as a method for practitioners to bring mental clarity and access a relaxed, focused state - the source of power, dexterity and wisdom.

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Chinese Etiquette For Business

In China, doing business is never just about the business itself. Having worked across Asia as entrepreneur, ambassador and consultant and is now a resident in London for 13 years, Rui is the expert in bridging the gap and helping you gain insight into the subtlety of business etiquette and mentality between two cultures.

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Wild & Ancient
Tea Experience

Untold stories of tea and its 2,500 years of history. We share everything we know about the endangered ancient craft of tea-making, from indigenous tea rituals to brewing secrets. See why wild tea is a wonderful medium for making connections.

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Using tea as a vehicle, we share the ancient Eastern philosophy of “knowing yourself” and  “staying relaxed” to help individuals in organisations to find calmness, joy and space and to achieve optimum mental health and work performance.

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Tea and kung fu go hand-in-hand throughout Chinese history.Partnering with the Wing Tsun Master Sifu Julian Hitch, we bring insight from the Eastern philosophies and wisdom and share the secret of “winning
not fighting”.

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In China, doing business is never just about the business itself.  Having worked across Asia as entrepreneur,  ambassador and consultant and is now a resident in London for 11 years, Rui is the expert in bridging the gap and helping you gain insight into the subtlety of business etiquette and mentality between two cultures.

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Women Empowerment Through Tea

We hold monthly tea gathering online for women to share their stories globally and to support one another on their journeys. Please check out Master's Tea House programmes on datesspecial guests.

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October 2021
5:00 pm
Virtual Master's Tea House
Beyond Tasting - Master's White Community Event

They say White Tea is a medicine after 3 years of age, what is your view and experience? Join us as we sip together Master's White and explore the health benefits of teas.

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