Our tea is alive and won't get bitter, no matter how you brew it. From the world's oldest way of green-tea making to the ancient wisdom for the all natural pu'er ageing, our "Timeless" range is a true testimony to the Tea Master's immeasurable craftsmanship and to the unshakeable commitment to following nature's pace.

6 Years Master’s White



Tea in its purest form - sun-withering is the only process. A delicate, peachy flavour, reminiscent of alpine grass. Made in 2016, aged using 100% natural, ancient methods without artificial heat and humidity.


£4.5 (4g) | £22 (20g) | £46 (50g)

To restore calm and rebalance. Anti-inflammatory and rich in anti-oxidants. Great for beating a cold or healing a sore throat. To be enjoyed first thing in the morning all the way through to bedtime.

Master’s Green


林老師傳統工藝 綠茶 老綠茶

The very tea that inspired Rui to follow the Master into the mountains to learn about 活茶 The Living Tea of Guizhou. It's also one of the last green teas in the world made using ancient green-tea-making techniques throughout the entire process, resulting in great resilience when it comes to brewing: no harsh bitterness no matter how hot the water & no jittery feeling. A rare chance to experience this intensely floral and fragrant treasure. Can be brewed either hot or cold.

Unlike most of the modern green teas, Master's Green is made with the intention for it to age. The aged batches usually come from autumn harvest and they strictly follow nature's pace for 靜置 (Rest in stillness), available in below drop-down menu.


2021 New Batch £4.5 (4g) | £23 (20g) | £48 (50g) | £4.5 (4g) | £22 (Aged 2018 20g) | £45 (Aged 2018 50g)

A gentle pick-me-up. Drink to quench thirst and feel refreshed. Body & mind cleansing. Helps improve general oral health. If you like jasmine green tea or fragrant oolong, you'll love this.

Master’s Red


林老師傳統工藝 紅茶

The fragrance of wild orchid in Master's Red testifies the impeccable timing of traditional Living Tea making. Almost 400 years ago, this very red tea (black tea in the West) was brought by the Chinese envoy to be enjoyed by the Royals of the British Empire. Very little has changed in the way it's made today.

As you re-brew, experience dark chocolate and summer raspberry slowly transform into orchid blossoms in alpine forest: if you feel like a hug, this is the tea that will embrace your body and soul.

Following traditional techniques, we diffuse (instead of blend) seasonal wild flowers with Master's Red, making it Master's Special with Wild Cherry Blossom (spring) and Master's Special with Wild Osmanthus (autumn). Below drop-down bar will give you the option to buy.

*Master's Red autumn 21 new batch is here!


£4.5 (4g) | £23 (20g) | £48 (50g) | Red w/ Osmanthus & Cherry Blossom from £24

To warm and comfort your body and soul. Helps digestion. Helps relieve asthma. Boosts immune system. A lighter and more fragrant alternative to traditional English Breakfast tea.

Master's Oolong


林老師傳統工藝 烏龍茶

The historical name of this autumn Oolong, "The Dragon of the Autumn Mountain" ("龙秋山"), portraits the moment when a dragon has landed right in front of you. It is said that no matter where you are mentally, this tea will take you straight back to your presence by the explosions of mesmerising smells and astounding tastes, leaving you in complete awe. Expect the warmth of charcoal smoke, the smoothness of vanilla chocolate and the magic of the ever-changing mouth feel from orchid blossom to brazil nuts, from alpine woods to caramelised honey. A tea for you to take time and it is refreshing & quietly energising. We recommend at least 10 re-brews.

In Osmanthus blooming season, we make a special batch of Oolong and diffuse it with fresh, wild Osmanthus flowers. The traditional methods requires us to take time and great care in making this tea, it also means the fragrance of the Osmanthus remain vivid even after 10 re-brews. This is a tea that gives you a profound sense of awe, comfort and joy, as Master Lin describes it: "as if you are the light, pure & refreshing air slowly rippling through the valley of the mountains."

Below drop-down bar will give you the option to buy.


£4.8 (4g) | £24 (20g) | £48 (50g) | Osmanthus Oolong £4.8 (4g) £26 (20g) £51 (50g)

Master's Black 18 Years Pu'er


林老師傳統工藝 十八年陳年普洱 散茶

Our first vintage tea, Master’s Black, was crafted in 2004 in Yunnan using the ancient Pu'er way, and has been delicately ageing ever since. In a departure from the common industrialised processing, our Pu’er does not rely on man-made humidity and temperature (or “wo-dui” 渥堆) in a controlled warehouse, but follows nature's course throughout the entire process of making and ageing, never compressing it into cake. Experience smokey alpine woods on the nose, sweet apple on the tongue, cherry blossom in the throat and sense of lightness and flow in your body and mind.

*The traditional understanding of Pu'er doesn't categorise Pu'er into Sheng 生 (Raw) and Shu 熟 (cooked), instead, from the moment the leaves were picked and made into tea we follow it as a living process where it continues to evolve and transform according to its native ecosystem, and such is the meaning of ageing. (You can store all of our tea for years to come and they will continue to transform.)


£5 (4g) | £25 (20g) | £50 (50g)

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