• Why are we here?

  • Are we a good fit?

  • How do we support your journey?

We are here to bring you teas that are of exceptional, incomparable quality that cannot be found or replicated anywhere else.

We also feel it is important to share the ancient narratives of tea beyond colonisation and mass production. From soil to trees, foraging to making, brewing to sipping, tea is a way of connecting to the wisdom of nature.

Our teas can provide the most benefits if you resonate with any of the following:

  • Joy, happiness and good health matter to you. 

  • You brew for the best quality, flavours and health benefits without compromising on food safety and sustainability.

  • Your journey involves in exploring balance, simplicity and peace.

  • Other people and their stories interest you. 

  • Consume less and better is highly doable. 

  • Ancient wisdom expands us.

Best quality tea - We are here to bring you the best teas and we are serious about it on every level: unpolluted land, pristine soil, ancient tea trees, time-honoured cratsmanship and the intention to harmonise with nature. 

The simplest ways to brew - Enjoying tea should never be a fuss! You’ll be supported by a wealth of ancient wisdom, translated into a modern context to provide you with the simplest, most personal ways to experience tea.

You are your own tea master - The only right way to experience tea is your way. We welcome you to the inclusive community that celebrates individuality and supports you to feel empowered for your journey of exploration.