Long before modern times, tea grew wild and was picked, prepared and enjoyed in rhythm with nature. Today, we’re bringing you tea made just the same way.


Give your friends and family the gift of comfort and wellbeing this winter. What’s more 15% of our winter sales will go towards training more of the young people of Guizhou in the gentle art of tea making.

"The Grass People Tree teas are unlike anything I have tasted before. The flavors and aromas are so complex, delicate and refreshing. They are delicious hot and cold. It is amazing to taste that these teas are not farmed but are growing naturally in the wild and to learn about the generations of history and expertise that go into them."
Eilish Macintosh, Textile and Print Designer
“I’ve never tried tea like it. The tastes are so refined - from buttery popcorn to woody fragrance. It feels so healthy to be drinking - not claggy like tea or edgy like coffee. It tastes like nature I suppose. I’m hooked.”
David Saltmarsh, Entrepreneur
"I truly count those evenings with Rui spent at the tea tastings as extrodinary and special. It has made me realise that enlightening your senses through taste was an avenue I hadn't really spent time out to appreciate. And through tea, could bring others toegether."
Antonia Blakeman, Illustrator
"Grass People Tree Master’s Green is by far the most delectable green tea I have come across, and I drink a lot of green tea. Its delicate flavor is something I look forward to every morning. I put a generous pinch of leaves in my little pot and top it up throughout the day, as it lends itself to several brewings. It is light and refreshing and restores the soul. I know it comes from those beautiful mountains of China, and that it is prepared with infinite care and skill, infinite artistry, and I drink it with love and attention."
Miriam, Social worker
"The second I dipped my lips in Grass People Tree I knew I had stumbled upon something completely different.  It is striking how full and smooth the tea feels in the mouth, even after several brews. Coming from France, I would describe Grass People Tree as the 'Champagne of tea'. Plus, there are teas for everybody and every mood: each one has its own 'personality' and a unique aroma. Simply beautiful."
Maude Desmarescaux, Data Analyst
"Drinking Grass People tea really put into perspective as to what tea should be. Refreshing, thirst quenching, energising and totally delicious. I honestly can’t go back to anything else."
Calypso Rose, Founder of indytute
“This isn’t normal tea. These simple leaves have hidden depths to explore through aroma, taste and the calming ritual of brewing and then re-brewing. These teas become a reassuring part of everyday life, working with you to restore energy when you need energising, while instilling calmness when things go awry. I love the way the strength of the leaves works with your day, never leaving you agitated or jolty in the way I found a shot of espresso too often did. It’s more like cotton wool than a bolt of lightening."
Henry Palmer, Co-founder of Gainsborough Wharf
"I feel so much happier knowing that I am brewing an ethical tea that does not contain harmful chemicals or use tea bags that contain plastic. I feel very honoured to have visited the tea house in Guiyang, the town where Rui grew up, and to drink tea that is harvested in the traditional Chinese method dating back thousands of years. Rui is so kind and knowledgeable and always happy to answer any questions you might have. Also, the packaging of the tea is beautiful and the boxes make brilliant gifts!"
Sophie Cotton, Composer
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Our tea leaves are from ancient and indigenous tea trees that grow freely in the primeval forest.

They aren't grown on tea plantations, or genetically modified.

The tea trees grow on two thousand year old soil, naturally balanced and rich in minerals.

We don't use chemicals or pesticides to grow or prepare our tea.

Wild leaves are foraged, picked and prepared by skilful hands.

We never use industrial machines.

The leaves spend 148 hours under the sun, naturally “withering” and fermenting.

No machine heating processes are involved.

We keep our leaves whole to protect their nutrients and long-lasting natural flavours.

We don't use additives, and our teas don't need any flavour enhancements.

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Our Story

We harvest only what each season offers us, and prepare it in tune with nature.

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Tea Experiences

Using all of your five senses, find out what makes these teas so healthy and special in one of our restorative 90 minute tea-tasting experiences.

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Join the Grass People Tree family to receive teas to your front door for three months and lots of other family perks.

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“Treat the leaves as arms and stem as the body. Let them breathe as a whole and let the sun flow into its blood. This is the only way you can taste the sun through tea, and the only reason you can taste it is because the tea has never stopped breathing since it was found and picked: tea making is simply to acknowledge and respect that as a fact, and nature does most of the job for us.

Practice patience, learn its language when it speaks to you, the rest is easy.”

Master Lin on the preparation of “Living Tea”