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Rare Oolong Flight

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Embark on a sensory-widening journey with our exclusive Oolong Tea Flight, meticulously crafted by the renowned Master Lin over the past 35 years and curated by Rui, founder of GPT. This heartfelt collection brings together three rare Oolong teas from different regions, each with its unique characteristics and rich story:

1. 1988 Vintage Dong Ding Oolong 一九八八年 陳年凍頂烏龍

Spring first pluck 1998. Lu Gu (Deer Valley) Village, Dong Ding Mountain, Nantou, Taiwan.

For those who appreciate dark Oolong, this Vintage Dong Ding offers a widening experience. The dark, curly leaves release a rich plum aroma and deep, aged incense upon the first inhale, reflecting its well-aged qualities and the meticulous re-roasting over the past two decades.

When savoured with patience and focus, this tea reveals unparalleled notes and textures. It feels like entering an ancient temple where cedar wood, dried plum and caramelised sweets are offered at the altar, along with blossoming flowers and burning incense. The Hui Gan (回甘) or aftertaste is exceptionally powerful and long-lasting, even inhaling the bottom of the cup is an experience on its own.

Treasure by Rui and Master Lin, this "medicine tea" is also rich in Qi (life energy). After two re-brews, you will feel a warm sensation spreading throughout your body, particularly in the abdomen and along the spine.


2. 2015 Qingxin Oolong 二零一五年 陳年青心烏龍

Late spring first pluck |Dali, Yunnan

This tea boasts the classic Qing Xin cultivar fragrance of jasmine with hints of osmanthus and roasted nuts. Having aged for almost 10 years, it also offers a unique aroma of medicinal herbs, making it a rare find in the Qing Xin Oolong category for its enriching complexities.

The bright, clear quality of the light yellow infusion reflects its impeccable craftsmanship. Over 7-10 re-brews, this tea reveals complex and layered tastes and aromas, transitioning gracefully between summer forest, jasmine petals, dried fruits, and a nostalgic hint of grandma’s medicine jar.


3. 2023 Premium Rougui 二零二三年 精品肉桂

Late spring first pluck 2023 | Pan Ying Mountain, Guizhou

This classic Rougui tea features the characteristic cinnamon fragrance from the Rou Gui Cultivar, complemented by a unique regional sweetness from Guizhou’s mineral-rich soil - a delightful harvest thanks to Lin's philosophy on Natural Farming 自然農耕. Expect many rounded and balanced brews with a lively sharpness.

What sets this tea apart from other Rou Gui varieties is its consistent performance, revealing its plump texture and intensely complex mouth-feel over 10 re-brews.

Rougui tea is known for its detoxifying properties and ability to aid digestion and reduce greasiness.



Cultural Signicance

All of our Oolong teas are crafted by Master Lin, a 6th-generation tea master from Taiwan who has lived in the Guizhou and Yunnan regions since the 1980s. This bundle reflects his dedication and exceptional skill in blending traditional Oolong craftsmanship and the philosophy of harmony with the unique characteristics of the local natural environment.

What's Included

• Worldwide shipping
• 2003 Vintage Dong Ding Oolong
• 2015 Vintage Qing Xin Oolong
• 2023 Premium Rou Gui

• Brewing Notes
• Family Chart

Extra Discount

• 15% Discount Voucher For Tea (sent along order confirmation)
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Health Benefits
  • Traditionally, Oolong tea is valued for its health benefits, such as aiding digestion, boosting metabolism, and reducing stress.
Brewing Guide

Use 6-10g of tea per session for at least 10 re-brews.
Ensure your water is mineral-rich and lively, maintained at 100°C/212°F throughout.
For optimal results, a high-quality, breathable vessel like a genuine Yixing Zisha Teapot is highly recommended.
Thoroughly preheat the vessel before infusion.

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