Wild, ancient & indigenous teas made using centuries-old craftsmanship are incredibly rare in today's world, both in the West and China. Welcome to a whole new experience of tea. Welcome home :)

This page is dedicated to simplify choices, save money and support your unique journey, so you will start with great confidence and clarity. 

  • New To GPT  

    New To GPT

    Our top 5 wild, ancient & indigenous tea to welcome you to a whole new experience of tea. Plus 1-1 class at a discounted price.

  • Green Tea Lovers  

    Green Tea Lovers

    Meet the ancestor of green tea and experience its incomparable flavours and aromas like no other. No bitterness & jitteriness.


All Bundles Include

15% Off Your Favourite Tea

Valid for your next tea purchase so you can enjoy your favourites for less.

15% Off Personalised Tea Class

Celebrate your curiosity & expand your tea experience with expert-led 1-1 guidance.