Wild, beyond-organic teas made from 300 to 1,500 year old, indigenous tea trees using slow, traditional methods in rhythm with nature.

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How Our Tea Is Made

  • Our teas are foraged in season from wild, ancient tea trees in their original forms.

    Not from tea plantations or genetically modified trees.

  • Under the watchful eyes of the tea masters, the leaves are prepared in tune with nature's pace, including 140+ hours of natural withering.

    100% traditional craftsmanship. No industrial processing. 

  • Both the bud and leaf are kept whole during the entire tea-making process, protecting the quality of the nutrients and its bold, long lasting natural flavours.

    No bitterness or jittery feeling. More than 5 times re-brews.

Where Our Tea Grows

  • Biodiverse, ancient land provides the most original and favourable habitat for the indigenous tea trees.

    Boldly aromatic teas and resilient to all brewing choices.

  • Two-thousand-year-old pristine, potent soil brings rich nutrients and minerals to our teas.

    Beyond organic. Potent nutrients. No chemicals or pesticides.

  • Our tea leaves are foraged from the same trees every 2-3 years, leaving sufficient time for nature to grow and rest.

    Quality slow-grown produce without causing disruption to nature.