The Intention

Loving the Earth is an effortless movement that goes far beyond external action, such as recycling or buying ethical products.

The key to unlocking a deeper, more expansive sense of boundless love, compassion, and equanimity lies in seeing our existence here as interwoven with nature, rather than separate from it. We are the Earth, and the Earth is us.

With tea as a companion, we gently cultivate mindfulness of interdependence, joy, and generosity. Understanding the journey of tea — from land to cup, from cup to mouth — helps us see how crucial we all are in the process of sustaining and affirming life.

The Practice

  • Love

    A gentle, guided meditation on inter-being and boundless love to invite us to touch the Earth.

  • Compassion

    We take a moment to manifest our intention for the practice and make a tea offering.

  • Presence

    We do a tea ceremony or ritual with gentle guidance. All brewing styles are welcome.