Gong Fu Cha Bamboo Tea Tray with Drain

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竹製茶盤 乾泡台

We find most of the bamboo tea trays out there very flimsy and not durable. These two tea trays have been tested and favoured by our team as for their quality, style and functionality. The bamboo box is used as a drain to collect excess water for Gong Fu Cha brewing or your preferred tea ritual. We find it a perfect companion when we make a simple tea at our desk, or when we serve or share a tea with others. It is light and easy-to-carry for outdoor tea or packing into your suitcase.

What's Included

• Bamboo tea tray with drain
• Our well-wishing to you



    Two bamboo tea trays next to each other placed on wooden table with tea tools and porcelain teaware