Life In China

is a quarterly Journal born from the belief of the transformative power of ancient wisdom to illuminate our increasingly darkening world. However, this luminous legacy is often dimmed by misrepresentation and appropriation. Through storytelling and conveying the nuances of context from its origin, we hope the inaugural Cha Edition offers a glimpse into the boundless richness of ancient worldviews and what this Journal could become. 

In the past six challenging months, Adriaan and I have navigated the complexities of balancing the Journal with other aspects of the tea business. As we remain dedicated to the development of this project, we humbly seek your support in subscribing.

Thank you for sustaining this endeavour that imbues our lives with meaning and beauty.

Rui | Founder of GPT

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Welcome to the quarterly Journal, Life In China, where every page embarks on a personal journey of discovery and connection. Delve into the nuances of Eastern culture, exploring language, tradition, and timeless wisdom. With captivating photo essays, personal reflections, and in-depth explorations of ancient literature and practices, we invite you to celebrate our shared heritage and preserve wisdom for generations to come.

Who's This Journal For?

  • Individuals seeking cross-cultural understanding: Gain valuable insights into the nuances of Eastern cultures and the ancient worldviews.
  • Chinese Culture lovers: Dive deep into the heart of Chinese traditions, customs, and wisdom through authentic storytelling.
  • Those seeking insights into contemporary China: Gain valuable perspectives on the social, cultural, and political landscape of modern-day China, offering a nuanced understanding beyond the headlines and stereotypes.
  • Tea lovers: Discover the hidden tales behind ancient tea traditions and their rituals, from the perspectives of the locals and their lands. 
  • Travellers: Embark on a cultural journey through the pages of landscapes, flavours, and experiences of China and beyond.
  • Story lovers: Immerse in the captivating narratives spoken and written by the people who live and breathe them. 
  • Language enthusiasts: Delve into the linguistic nuances of Chinese through authentic narratives. Explore the language in its cultural context and deepen your appreciation for its richness and complexity.

Adriaan Esterhuizen - Photography
Rui Liu - Writer and Translator

Published by Grass People Tree in honour of ancient wisdom and its dedicated storytellers.

What's Included?

• £15 Quarterly Includes a Digital Copy
• £18 Quarterly Digital Copy + Annual Postcard Prints and worldwide shipping.
• £25 Quarterly Digital Copy + Bi-annual Print of the Journal and worldwide shipping.

Member Perks
  • Access to quarterly tasting event
  • Access to purchase unlisted teas

73 pages.
Digital Journal optimised to suit all devices.

By subscribing, you will:

  • Sustain The Journal

    Your support sustains and expands our efforts in researching, documenting and presenting authentic narratives and insights with high-quality content that educates, inspires, and fosters cross-cultural understanding.

  • Make Our World Wiser

    Cultivating a better world starts with cultivating ourselves. Your involvement allows us to translate ancient worldviews into practical and engaging tools for personal development.

  • Amplify Our Impact

    With your support, we can reach wider audiences and deepen our impact, ultimately fulfilling our mission of bridging perception divides, promoting harmony, and uplifting spirits worldwide.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Yuliya Maslyn
Embodiment of love

This Magasine is an embodiment of love. Every picture, word, and space between the lines looks and more importantly feels like it was made with love to me, the reader. I want more people to meet CHINESE TEA and learn more about the culture around it.
Thank you for creating and sharing beauty.

Harm Esterhuizen
Love it!

Amazing! Can't wait to have the printed copy in my hands!

Terri Todd
Authentic Chinese Culture

The first edition of the LIFE IN CHINA journal is an authentic presentation of Chinese culture through the stories about tea with photography that vicariously transports the reader to the origins of tea before recorded history. Absolutely stunning! I can hardly wait for the next edition.

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