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Aged Wild White

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都勻特色老白茶 白牡丹

Welcome to the experience of our latest batch of Aged Wild White tea, crafted in spring 2018 using leaves of wild, medium-leaf-size ancient tea trees native to the Duyun region southeast of Guizhou. Embracing traditional methods of "No roasting and no rolling," skilful Buyi people delicately layer the leaves into thin bamboo baskets, withering them alternately in the outdoor and indoor spaces over an attentive 5-day process before they were gently concealed for ageing. 

Beyond the classic sweet and fruity notes found in classic White Peony White Teas, our Wild White unveils a Distinctive Fragrance of the Species 品種香: refreshing watermelon peels with a hint of citrus, creating an engaging exploration with every sip.

The journey with this Aged Wild White will likely begin with a sweet, revitalising first infusion. With each subsequent re-brew, discover a gradual transition into a silky mouthfeel and deeper undertones of dry fruits and roasted nuts. After 6-7 re-brews, the tea's medicinal tastes will gradually unfold, known locally as 毫味, the Taste of The Young Leaf's Fluffs, offering you bold antioxidants and nutrients such as amino acids and polyphenols.

It is a seemingly delicate tea that reveals bold energy through time and provides instant mental clarity; it is a perfect companion for moments of slowing down or expanding into a peaceful space. May you find comfort, restoration and upliftment in every cup with Wild White.

(The image at the top shows the classic Wild White, whereas the image on the left/second top for mobile captures the dry leaves of the new 2018 aged batch.)

Taste Profile

Nutty, Earthy, and Creamy


Given the bold energy of this wild tea, we suggest starting with no more than 5g of tea, avoiding an empty stomach. Use water at 95-100°C and steep for no more than 5 seconds for the first five brews. Once accustomed to its characteristics, feel free to explore various weights and brewing methods.

  • Restorative & Grounding
  • Calming & Comforting
Health Benefits
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • De-stressing & Mood Lifting
  • Focus & Clarity
  • Immune Boosting
  • Nutrient Dense
  • 2018
  • Aged
Indigenous Tree Type

Round-shape Medium-leaf Unique to Duyun Region 都勻特有圓形中小葉

Tree Age

200-300 y/o


Dou Peng Mountain. Du Yun, Qian Nan, Guizhou.



What's so special about this tea?

Health benefits of aged White tea:

The ancient saying ""one year a white tea, 3 years a medicine, 7 years a treasure"" sums up the health benefits of a well-aged white tea. Stored correctly, the nutritional benefits of this tea increase with its age. This white tea could be your natural remedy for a cold, a hangover and general fatigue. It's generally restorative and calms your body and soul.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Andrew Smaje
    Wow. What a tea.

    Settle some dry leaves in a warm Gaiwan, lift the lid and breathe in poached pear, chestnut. First brew is like peach juice, sweet and a little sour. The aroma in the Gaiwan becomes more earthy, like a forest floor. More brews deepen the stewed fruit flavour, giving way to a more bittersweet, almost phenolic character. It goes on and on, miraculously.

    Peaches and Apple Cider

    This tea has a bold, distinct character that I find quite enjoyable.

    Rachelle Quarles

    8 Years Wild White