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Aged Master's White

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林老師傳統工藝 老白茶

Our Signature White Tea made by Master Lin in 2016, aged using 100% natural, ancient methods without artificial heat and humidity.

Tea in its purest form — sun-withering is the only process. A delicate, peachy flavour reminiscent of alpine grass.

*March 2024 Update for the Brand New 2017 Aged Batch*

2017 Limited Edition Batch has just been opened after 7 years of careful aging, available to purchase for a limited time only, see options in the dropdown menu above.

In comparison:

2016 Batch: made in spring using first-flush leaves from native Bird King Tea Trees aged 400-800 years. Fruity, sweet and refreshing. 10-12 rebrews.

2017 Batch: made in autumn using first-flush leaves from native Bird King Tea Trees aged 200-400 years. A sweeter infusion with nutty notes and a slight hint of Chinese dates. 12-15 rebrews with a soothing body sensation. 

Taste Profile

Sweet, Earthy, and Fruity

  • Calming & Comforting
  • Restorative & Grounding
Health Benefits
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • De-stressing & Mood Lifting
  • Focus & Clarity
  • Immune Boosting
  • Nutrient Dense
  • 2016
  • Aged
Indigenous Tree Type

Bird King 鳥王種

Tree Age

400 - 600 y/o


Pan Yin Mountain. Qian Xi Nan, Guizhou.



What's so special about this tea?

Health benefits of aged White tea:

The ancient saying ""one year a white tea, 3 years a medicine, 7 years a treasure"" sums up the health benefits of a well-aged white tea. Stored correctly, the nutritional benefits of this tea increase with its age. This white tea could be your natural remedy for a cold, a hangover and general fatigue. It's generally restorative and calms your body and soul.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Semein Washington
    Rock Flavor Aged White Tea

    This aged white tea reveals itself strongest during later steeps with longer steep times. Like Master's Oolong Classic, I intentionally forget a steep and come back to it, well over a minute later, to see what's come out. Before the tea really opens up, there are clues to what will happen later: the wet leaves have a caramelized smell that reminds me of a hong cha and the other aged white tea I'm drinking. That comes to the tongue around steep #7 or #8. Present the whole time, and growing stronger, are the Pu'er like camphor notes and a minerality I did not expect. I don't have experience with yancha yet but I imagine it will taste a lot like this. By steep #15 or so, the minerality has come to dominate the tea in a way that makes it unique. The camphor and caramel remain in the back. I brewed this tea in a porcelain gaiwan and will be interested in how it will infuse in a zini teapot that is currently traveling through the mail. Last of all, the cha qi of the tea hits before the flavors and becomes more noticeable with further strength. It results in a cooling body sensation concentrated in the neck and upper back and a settled, yet energetic feeling. This is in contrast to the body sensation of the 2001 Mu Dan I am also drinking which concentrates in the face and makes me want to sing rather than hum. I plan to buy more of this tea but currently have enough to chew on for a while.

    Autumn to Winter Calm

    It is difficult to describe this white tea. I shared this tea with my partner who has never liked tea but this one became their favorite tea.

    This is not a flowery subtle tea. This tea has a depth to it that reminds me of the pine forest when the air gets colder. Its aroma though is very sweet, like mead. The first 10 second brew is very different from the rest. The first brew is like warm autumn morning and is a yellow color. The rest of the brews (caramel) are like pine needle forest floor between that fall to winter transition when the pine needles are dry. This is a good tea to drink before bed if you are sensitive to caffeine, which I am.

    Adam M. Zerbe
    A tea that loves to support you!

    From the deeply intentional packaging preparation to the exquisite leaves, the 7 Years Master's White will hold you calmly and confidently, always. Gift yourself the relationship to this tea and gain a lifelong friend!

    A Hug In A Cup

    Master's White is the tea that gently brings me up when I feel down, or calms me when overly excited. With honey undertones and quiet stonefruit sweetness, you'll find it can brew countless times and is reliable in moments of duress.


    There's a Chinese saying "1 year tea, 3 years medicine, 7 years treasure" ('一年茶,三年药,七年宝') which perfectly reflects Master's White. Not only does it have a sweet and gentle flavour, it helps soothe me when I'm feeling unwell. It has a gentle and warming energy.