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Wild Green Tai

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Made by the Rao Brothers of the Gelao tribe from 500-year-old wild indigenous Tai trees, this bold green tea has higher nutritional content and green stimulants, giving you an instant kick - a great alternative to coffee. Experience the citrusy aroma and refreshing alpine taste slowly turning to roasted barley over multiple re-brews. 

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Taste Profile

Creamy, Nutty, and Woody

  • Enlivening & Uplifting
  • Refreshing & Cooling
Health Benefits
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Focus & Clarity
  • Nutrient Dense
  • 2023 Spring
Indigenous Tree Type

Tai 苔茶種

Tree Age

400 - 600 y/o


Shi Qian, Guizhou.



What's so special about this tea?

What's so special about Tai tea?

Tai tea trees, native to the east of the province, have grown wild and remained almost inaccessible for millennia. They're bold in colour (purple), taste and nutrients thanks to the area's mineral-rich soil and unique natural spring irrigation. A typical brew of
Tai tea has an infusion extract of 46% (a good quality whole-leaf infusion is around 32%). Tai teas are packed with much more nutrients than other teas – including vitamins, anthocyanin (a natural anti-oxidant) and minerals such as Ka, Zinc and Selenium."

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Andrew Smaje
    Changing flavour profile is worth waiting for

    The immediate grassy freshness of the first brew, transforms gradually - patience is your reward, as the barley milkiness of later infusions is very unexpected and quite a long way from the initial flavour - but well worth the effort of arriving at its mildly roasted, almost oat milk like taste profile.

    Rachael Smith
    What green tea dreams are made of

    I’ve always been sensitive to caffeine which is why I’ve preferred tea over coffee but as I’ve gotten older sometimes even tea puts me out. I can drink this all day long and I feel amazing! Not to mention the quality and flavor of this tea beats out any other tea I’ve had. I’m a big fan of masters green because I’d the floral non bitter taste by the wild green tai has that grassy green flavor im used.

    Incredible for HRT side-effect and menopause symptoms

    First of all, this tea was simply DELICIOUS! It really captures what supreme green tea should be like: deeply aromatic, sweet, and full-textured. I tend to prefer greens with notes of nuts and grains more so than fruits, and this tea delivers on both ends very much to my taste.

    About hormone-related symptoms: though nowadays I mostly drink darker teas, lately I haven't been craving them so much as I've been getting really intense hot-flashes, headaches, and tiredness and needed something else.

    I decided to give Wild Green Tai a try and it has brought me SO much relief. The anti-inflammatory effect of it has really helped with headaches and its cooling effect – even when drank hot — has been wonderful at keeping the hot flashes away. The tea also has helped me get through the morning hump these past few days without triggering anxiety or nausea which I always careful about too.

    Definitely a tea worth keeping in your cupboard for those hotter days, as well as when your body needs a hand managing malaise. Really recommend getting some of the Wild Red Tai counterpart too for when you need warmth and comfort!