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Green Tea Lovers

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Did you know that not all green tea tastes grassy, bitter, and demand specific brewing instructions?

Industrialisation and standardisation have fixated our perceptions of green tea, causing significant limitations to our experiences and mindsets. In ancient times, green tea was exceptionally aromatic, flavoursome and thrived in boiling water without the bitter taste or jittery feeling. This is the tea we want to share with you today. 

What your new GPT Green Tea experience will look like:

Expand your experience with the ancestors of green tea that no longer exist in today's tea categorisation. 

Never look back to bitter tastes, jitteriness or any unwanted body effects. Feel refreshed, gently alert and at ease. 

Savour the most nutrient, aroma & flavour-rich teas with delight. (beyond organic) 

Discover green teas that thrive in boiling water and taste fantastic no matter how you brew them. No expert knowledge needed.

Enjoy better values for your money with more than 10 times rebrews for each serving. Each brew unfolds a new experience.

Explore the rare 3-year-aged green tea.

Try our yellow tea — unlike any other yellow teas produced in China — loved for its closeness to green tea while offering more warmth and mellowness.

Feel empowered to brew and enjoy tea your way with dedicated 1-1 guidance. 

Enjoy more tea for less, including when you re-order.

    Who's this Bundle for

    • You are new to wild, ancient & indigenous teas and would like to start with green tea.

    • You would like to enjoy the health benefits of green tea and are fed up with the bad tastes and body effects most of the current green tea products bring.

    • You are a tea regular and would like to expand your knowledge and experience with green tea.

    • You want to reduce caffeine intake and seek healthy, safe alternatives.

    • You are looking for an exceptionally unique gift for a tea lover.

    • You want to integrate tea drinking into your daily life and seek someone experienced and authentic to support you.

    What's Included

    • Worldwide shipping
    • Master's Green
    • Aged Master's Green
    • Slow Mellow Yellow

    • Brewing Notes
    • Family Chart
    • Wicker Box (optional for storage or gift)

    Extra Discount

    • 15% Discount Voucher For Tea (sent along order confirmation)
    • 15% Discount Voucher For a Class (sent along order confirmation)

    About This Green Tea

    Considered by master Lin's family "the ancestor of all green teas," we've selected Master's Green for this bundle for its cultural significance and rare characteristics.

    Indigenous Tree Type

    Niao Wang (Bird King)

    Tree Age

    300 - 800 years

    Cultural Signicance

    These teas narrate the living history of our people and land that will otherwise remain unknown. Your purchase extends and sustains the cultural heritage from our home to yours.

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