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Wild, ancient & indigenous teas made using centuries-old craftsmanship are incredibly rare in today's world, both in the West and China. Not only for their incomparable quality of flavours, aromas, health benefits, and durability for rebrews but also for their untold living history and cultural traditions. Welcome to a whole new experience of tea! 

What your new GPT experience will look like:

5 selected teas to embrace the world of wild, ancient & & indigenous teas with clarity.

Feel lifted and joyous by the depths of incomparable flavours and aromas each tea offers.

Reconnect with the inner space of quietness and ease. Feel grounded, refreshed and gently alert.

Never look back to bitter tastes, jitteriness or any unwanted body effects.

Feel nourished by the bold nutrients of tea that grows from pristine land. (Beyond organic)

Enjoy better values for your money with more than 10 times rebrews for each serving. Each brew is a new experience.

Feel confident brewing all teas at 100c and their great tastes, no longer restricted to brewing instructions!

Feel empowered to brew and enjoy tea your way with dedicated 1-1 guidance. 

Enjoy more tea for less, including when you re-order.

    Who's this Bundle for

    • You are new to wild, ancient & indigenous teas and are still trying to figure out where to start.
    • You'd like to cultivate a new healthy habit or a mindful ritual, such as sobriety, mindfulness or slow living.
    • You want to cut down on caffeine intake and are looking for alternatives.
    • You are looking for an exceptionally unique gift for a tea lover.
    • You want to integrate tea drinking into your daily life and seek someone experienced and authentic to support you.

    What's Included

    • Worldwide shipping
    • 2016 Master's White (by Master Lin)
    • Master's Green (by Master Lin)
    • Bird King Da Hong Pao (by Master Lian)
    • Wild & Ancient Red Tai (by the Rao Brothers)
    • Slow Mellow Yellow (by Master Lin)
    • Prickly Pear (Free. Wild Fruit Infusion)

    • Brewing Notes
    • Family Chart
    • Wicker Box (optional for storage or gift)

    Extra Discount

    • 15% Discount Voucher For Tea (sent after order confirmation)
    • 15% Discount Voucher For a Class (sent after order confirmation)

    About This Green Tea

    • Each tea comes from wild and indigenous tea trees, aged between 300 and 1,500 years old, offering a deep richness of nutrients, aroma, and flavours.

    • All teas are single-batched and made in harmony with seasonality, revealing unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

    • No more jittery feelings or bitter-tasting tea thanks to the centuries-old mastery.

    • Hassle-free brewing with beginner friendly teas that will taste great no matter what temperature and how long you brew.

    Indigenous Tree Type

    Tai and Niao Wang (Bird King) across 3 main regions of Guizhou.

    Tree Age

    300 - 1500 years

    Cultural Signicance

    These teas narrate the living history of our people and land that will otherwise remain unknown. Your purchase extends and sustains the cultural heritage from our home to yours. Thank you.

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