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Bird King Da Hong Pao

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練老師 鳥王種 大紅袍 2024 Limited New Batch

About the new batch: During the New Year, Master Lian and his daughter took out the batch, which had been resting since August, and re-roasted them twice, following their family tradition. 

This is a tea that can give you instant joy and relief, and it is also a Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) unlike any other you've tasted before. Master Lian has applied the traditional DHP methods from his family origin in Fujian onto tea leaves foraged from the ancient, indigenous Bird King trees in Guizhou: an expression of his nostalgia and a tribute to both of his homes. 

As the complex floral flavours roll back and forth in your mouth and throat, you will likely find hidden joy from the charcoal fire or encounter glimpses of the indescribable yet distinct flavours unique to the Bird King trees. If you want to connect with the part of you that is joyous, relaxed and graciously expressive, this is a tea for you. 

Taste Profile

Earthy, Fruity, Roasty, Sweet, and Woody

  • Calming & Comforting
  • Enlivening & Uplifting
  • Warming
Health Benefits
  • Nutrient Dense
  • Blood Sugar Management
  • 2024 New Year
Indigenous Tree Type

Bird King 鳥王種

Tree Age

400 - 800 y/o


Gui Ding, Guizhou.



What's so special about this tea?

What's so special about Bird King trees?

Bird King | Niao Wang | 鳥王 is an indigenous tea tree varietal from Guiding, south of Guizhou. Long before modern time, the people of the Bird King Village (Today’s Miao people) have been dedicating their lives to protecting these sacred trees throughout generations. Favoured by the Qian Long Emperor for its “Bud Tea” 贵定芽茶, the Bird King region was long renowned for its unique tea culture and craftsmanship.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Andrew Smaje
    Roasted rock

    Beautiful roasted aroma, rocky and slightly salty mouthfeel, and a long lasting flavour combining both.


    The tea is absolutely amazing but the packaging was poor, the leaves arrived broken. Hopefully they will pack the next order properly…

    One of the best

    Deliciously aromatic, rich and comforting. The imagery I am reminded of is sitting around a camp fire roasting marshmallows, eating chocolate and graham crackers. This tea is like a warm hug.