DIY Moon Fan Art! Mid-Autumn Day Community Celebration!

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Celebrate togetherness and full circle with us on the auspicious Mid-Autumn day! This year we will be creating our own Moon Fan art, sipping tea while connecting with like-minded tea friends around the world :)

The moon fan comes with tracing patterns of traditional, natured inspired Chinese painting, suitable for participants at all levels and ages, making it a fun, highly engaging and cultured occasion for people to come together.

Once finished, you can use it as an elegant decoration for your home or workspace or share it as a personal, thoughtful gift.

Brushes, paint and palette are included. The price includes shipping with the option to add extra tea. (We will ship one of the fans shown in the above image based on stock.)

You are also welcome to bring your own Osmanthus Oolong, Master's Red with Osmanthus, your favourite tea, mooncakes, moon or autumn-inspired poems to share!

We look forward to celebrating autumn with you!

Sun 11th Sep 2022 6.30 - 8pm BST.  An event link will be sent to you prior to the event.