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Master's Red

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林老師傳統工藝 紅茶

The fragrance of wild orchids in Master's Red testifies to the impeccable timing of traditional Living Tea making. Almost 400 years ago, this very red tea (black tea in the West) was brought by a Chinese envoy to be enjoyed by the members of the British Empire. Since then a lot has changed in the narratives of tea however, we are still foraging from the same trees, making them using the same methods that are passed down from the same families.

As you re-brew, experience dark chocolate and summer raspberry slowly transforming into orchid blossoms in the alpine forest. A great alternative to English breakfast. And if you like hugs and warmth, this is the tea that will embrace your body and soul.

Taste Profile

Fruity, Roasty, Sweet, and Floral

  • 2022 Autumn
Indigenous Tree Type

Bird King 鳥王種

Tree Age

400 - 600 y/o


Pan Yin Mountain. Qian Xi Nan, Guizhou.



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Lynn Perez
    If you don't like red tea, give this tea a try.

    This is a tea you just have to experience for yourself, so I'll be brief: I used to find red teas either boring or just... gimmicky (?) and the qi always felt hollow and harsh. Anyway, for a long time I stopped buying or even sampling red tea and mostly drank greens and shu.

    I tried Master's Red and now red teas are my daily go-to alongside ripe teas, and barely keep greens in stock :')

    So so grateful to Rui and Master Lin for introducing me to this ♥️

    Master's Red tea

    Every time I sip a Master's Red, I feel warmth and love, the perfect daily mood lifter ♥️

    Patricia Dyer
    My favorite tea!

    It is the perfect tea to start my day, super warming and relaxing. You can taste the superb quality. It helps me ground myself throughout my day. I continue to come back for more!