Tea For Beginners: Don't Read Books & Learn From Tea Itself

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We've been conditioned to believe that obtaining external information is learning. Between us and the tea, there are books, podcasts, certifications, others' opinions, our dualistic judgements etc. So when the tea tastes or makes you feel in certain ways, how much is this conclusion truly yours? Whom are you relying on to tell you how to brew and at what temperature? And if you aspire to become a facilitator of tea, how do you guide others from your heart when the knowledge and resources remain in the intellect?

"Knowledge is only a rumour until it is in the muscle."

This class is dedicated to integrating the knowledge within you so that you are on the "right" path to becoming your own tea master. It is for beginners and those who are open-minded to learn tea in an intuitive, empowering way that supports you to come up with your own answers that are uniquely meaningful and practical to you. This is what we consider true, dynamic learning and the skilful means have been passed down to us discreetly from our teachers and their masters.

Learning from the tea itself requires us all to become beginners each time when we arrive at the tea table. The 90mins class is held monthly by Rui and strictly follows the traditional teachings from the masters at the Master’s Tea House:

Section 1 - The preparation for the great qualities of a beginner

Learning from the Intention
Learning from space (internal & external)

Section 2 - Receiving the non-verbal, non-intellectual teachings of tea

Giving space

Section 3 - Becoming your own master

Self Guidance

Section 4 - Q&A and group discussion

Learn experientially how to ask for help, initiate a healthy debate and how to trust the feeling of being supported.

Price: £45 per class. Sign up for 3 sessions over 3 months and receive free 2x20g tea.

Free for young people under 22. Please get in touch and tell us why you would like to join. If you are struggling to pay please also get in touch.

Monthly Class - Dec 4th Sun 1800 GMT

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    Tea For Beginners: Don't read books & learn from tea itself