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The Guizhou Way of Brewing 貴州冲泡

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A beautifully illustrated book by the tea people of Guizhou, sharing locals' insights on Guizhou brewing, its development, culture, history, and the significance Guizhou brewing holds.

Topics Covered:

• The philosophy of the Guizhou Way of Brewing.
• What a Guizhou tea plantation looks like.
• Guizhou Tea Brewing and Serving Guide.

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About the Artist

• Author — Yu Haiyou 余海游
• Illustrator — Liu Chuntian 劉春田
• Curator — Yuan Xiaojuan 余小娟
• Translators — Wang Jian Fang 王健芳, Liu Rui 劉蕊.
• Editing — Adriaan Esterhuizen, Marco Namowicz, Joan Pan, Matthew Ritson, Nick Konkoli, Terri Todd and Jonathan Gastello.

Since 2019, Liu Rui and her mother Professor Wang Jian Fang have worked with key members of the Guizhou tea community to translate this illustrated book on Guizhou Brewing into English. We’re honoured to announce the completion and availability of this beautiful resource. In the style of prose, this book integrates tea knowledge, cultivation, making, and tasting.

Cultural Tradition

For millennia, the mountains have cradled the Guizhou region to become one of the most hidden places in China. Most of its cultures and traditions remained unknown until early 2000. This illustrated book is the first published work in multiple languages that represents the eloquent voices of the locals.


Length: 208 pages
Dimensions: 85mm x 125mm