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2023 Spring Oolong

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林老師傳統工藝 春季烏龍|青茶 <青心 Qing Xin> The Tenderness of the Heart

Explore more for less with our Early Spring Tasting Box. Find out more in the Package size above (drop-down menu).

Made to harmonise with the rhythm of nature, this traditional Oolong corresponds to the characteristics of spring. It ensures your body and mind effortlessly align with the most energetic season of the year.

In appearance, the leaves are hand-rolled into small curls and gently charcoal-roasted to emerald green, like the young leaf waiting for the perfect timing to open and flourish.

As you brew and re-brew, the curls slowly open up their aromas and tastes, transforming from fresh broad bean to wild gardenia, taking you on a spring walk through the alpine meadows. The infusion mouth-feel is crisp, smooth and refreshing as if you are gently patting your face with the mountain stream.

Like the upward energy that nourishes everything in nature, you are likely to feel the Cha Qi (the energy of the tea) warming you up from your belly to the chest, throat and head. A gentle pick-me-up tea that lifts your mood and helps clear blockages.

Tasting Boxes

 • Small Early Spring Tasting Box (40g total) — 20g 2023 Spring Oolong, 20g 2023 Master's Red with Cherry Blossom.

 • Large Early Spring Tasting Box (100g total) — 50g 2023 Spring Oolong50g 2023 Master's Red with Cherry Blossom.

Health Benefits
  • Blood Sugar Management
  • De-stressing & Mood Lifting
  • Digestion & Gut Health
  • Immune Boosting
  • 2023 Spring
Indigenous Tree Type

Bird King Big Leaf 鳥王大葉種

Tree Age

400 - 600 y/o


Pan Yin Mountain (Qian Xi Nan, Guizhou)



Cultural Significance

We prefer to call our "Oolong tea" Qing (/Ching/) Cha. It was categorised as one of the six types of traditional Chinese tea in the 70s. Due to the commercial popularity of the Taiwanese Oolong from the 90s, Qing Cha has been mostly and exclusively associated with Oolong. The depths and breadths of Qing Cha have remained unknown to most.

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