Huo Cha: Living Tea Experience

Huo Cha: Living Tea Experience

Different from tea picked from plantations and made by machinery, Living Tea is foraged from the wild forest and represents a traditional tea-making philosophy that follows the rhythm of nature and embodies tea as a living being. Through ancient tea rituals and storytelling, this experience celebrates our ancestral insights into holistic health, cultural diversity and environmental harmony.


Culture & Diversity:
  • 3 teas from 400 - 1,500 years old wild trees.
  • Ancient Tea Ritual through 5 senses.
  • Living Tea culture & traditions.

Health & Well-being:
  • Health benefits of wild, ancient & indigenous tea.
  • How to identify a good tea and choose what's best to nourish your body.
  • How to pair tea with your mood and understand your body through tea.
  • How to utilise tea-making as a practical, short mindful practice for the cultivation of peace, clarity and resilience.

Virtual Experience. 60 mins. Minimum of 8 People (If the number of attendee is lower than 8, please enter 8 in quantity in the cart). Additional postage applies.

£35 | $47 p.p.

“Many thanks to Rui for transporting us from our office in Bristol to the tranquil mountains of Guizhou with her stories and sublime wild teas. The ceremony was so relaxing, refreshing and informative that the team still talk about it often, we now rebrew all of our teas!”
Tristan Hogg - Managing Director / Co-Founder, pieminister limited

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