Meditation Through Motion - Wing Tsun Kung Fu (Yin Class)

Meditation Through Motion - Wing Tsun Kung Fu (Yin Class)

Want to improve your response to daily stressors? In this event, we’ll turn to the wisdom of female founder Ng Mui of Wing Tsun 詠春拳 and follow the form of 小念頭 (The Little Ideas) - the First Door of the Four. Traditionally, it has been applied as a method for practitioners to bring mental clarity and access a relaxed, focused state - the source of power, dexterity and wisdom.


Culture & Diversity:

  • Brief introduction to Wing Tsun.
  • Explore the Eastern wisdom of relaxed force & winning not fighting.

Health & Well-Being:

  • Calmness & flow exercise (Qi/Chi Gong).
  • Step-by-step guide to learning the form.
  • Meditation through motion: finding harmony between your body & mind.

Connection & Team-Bonding:

  • Compare how you feel before and after.
  • Optimise your flow state for team work.

Virtual Event. 45 mins. Minimum of 8 People. (or £135 for under 8)

£15 p.p. + 12.5% service

"We love having Rui’s events as part of our office culture, the Wing Tsun class after lunch while we are all working from home has helped the team tremendously in motivation and productivity. We've also really enjoyed brewing Rui's tea at the office, it has become a real facilitator for conversations with employees and clients alike. The steady caffeine release means staff are able to generally focus better on tasks. We love the Master's Green, finally a green tea which does not become bitter, even after the 4th brew!"
Matt Fraher - Head of People / Fraher and Findlay