Explore Company Culture Through Calligraphy

Explore Company Culture Through Calligraphy

Did you know that grass 草, people 人 and tree 木 make up the word tea 茶 in Chinese calligraphy and it indicates the harmony between human & nature? So what is the deeper meaning of your company culture? Through the art of calligraphy, we’ll explore your team culture behind Chinese character composition, practice writing, and enhance experientially your own interpretation of your company’s culture through the art of calligraphy.


Culture & Diversity:

  • Introduction to Chinese calligraphy.
  • Guide to how to write Chinese characters.

Health & Well-Being:

  • Calmness & flow exercise (Qi/Chi Gong).
  • Connect with yourself through senses.

Connection & Team-Bonding:

  • Identify your company culture through the meaning of Chinese characters.
  • Step-by-step guide to create your individual style of writing.
  • Explore your intentions and interpretations.
  • Share your comments and takeaways.

Virtual Event. 60 mins. Minimum of 8 People. (or £250 for under 8)
A list of ingredients and prepping instructions will be sent to you prior to the event.

£28 p.p. + 12.5% service (paper & brush not included)
£45 p.p. + 12.5% service (speciality paper & brush included)

“We have had Rui’s Calligraphy Workshop regularly and the philosophy shared by Rui has transformed the way we think about our business culture and how we can communicate it both internally and externally. It has helped in so many levels in bringing us together."
Anna Downey - CEO / Co-Founder Buzzbar