Guizhou Noodles - Doorway to Southwest China

Guizhou Noodles - Doorway to Southwest China

Want to spice up your next lunch meeting? We take simple rules of Chinese cuisine and show you how to craft one of the most celebrated, authentic dishes from southwest China. You’ll leave making something delicious and made from ingredients that work with your body according to The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic.


Culture & Diversity:

  • Introduction of the essential ingredients of Chinese food.
  • Culture guide to the Southwestern cuisines in China.
  • Chinese dinner table etiquettes.

Health & Well-being:

  • Introduction of the “nature” of food and drink & eating in tune with season.
  • Learn how you can balance them for your healthy diet.

Connection & Team-Bonding: 

  • Step-by-step guide to cook together.
  • Chopstick challenge (game).
  • Connect through food and sharing of food.

Virtual Event. 75 mins. Minimum of 8 People. (or £250 for under 8)
Food ingredients are not included. A list of ingredients and prepping instructions will be sent to you prior to the event.

£28 p.p. + 12.5% service

“Rui’s expert knowledge of and passion for her homeland Guizhou has always brought light and great energy to everyone at our events. Whether it is the health benefits of food, the etiquette and philosophy of the Far East, or the ancient traditions themselves - there is just always something extraordinary to learn. Highly recommend.”
Paul Armstrong - Writer for Forbes. Digital Strategist. Advisor. NED.