Chinese Etiquette For Business

Chinese Etiquette For Business

“The secret of winning lies in the profound understanding between yourself and others.” (Lao Tsu) In China, doing business is never just about the business itself. Having worked across Asia as entrepreneur, ambassador and consultant and is now a resident in London for 13 years, Rui is the expert in bridging the gap and helping you gain insight into the subtlety of business etiquette and mentality between two cultures.


  • Destination Guidance: achieving your goals
  • A friend in need: Finding you the right help locally and nationally
  • Social etiquettes from formal dinner to tea table
  • Negotiation and navigation in conversation between the East and the West
  • Regional culture and etiquettes
  • Non-verbal language and basic Mandarin

Length: 70 mins. Minimum of 8 people. (Or £270 for under 8)

£45 p.p. + 12.5% service.‍
*This workshop can be tailored for one-on-one or for a group, please get in touch we will work to your refinement.

"We love having Rui’s tea as part of our office culture, not only are we glad to no longer use tea bags, we love how everyone takes time to brew tea. The loose teas have become a real facilitator for conversations with employees and clients alike. The steady caffeine release means staff are able to generally focus better on tasks. We love the Master's Green, finally a green tea which does not become bitter, even after the 4th brew!"
Matt Fraher - Head of People / Fraher and Findlay